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Everything You Should Know About Wedding Sparklers

It is the dream of everyone to have the best wedding. The bride gets to wear her dream gown and the groom to wear a suit. The clothing is just one of the things that will be prepared for a wedding. You can also add more things to make your wedding day extra beautiful. You can also add sparklers. These have been getting more popular for wedding days. It is because they can enhance a send-off and even make the guests more active.

You should first decide when you want to use the sparklers. This is because there is a different type of sparkler in every need. There is the photoshoot, wedding favors, and send-off lines.

Usually, sparklers are used for send-off lines. And if you are one of these, you should finalize the total number of guests that will be invited on your wedding day.

Guests of until 30 are preferred to use 10 – inch long sparklers. Sparklers this long usually last until thirty seconds. This thirty seconds will give a more intimate effect to the wedding.

A guest list with 30 to 100 guests will need sparklers that are 20 inches long. Sparklers this long will last until one and a half minutes.

Guests of more than 100 are advised to use 36-inch long sparklers. These will consume three and a half minutes and are large enough for a big wedding celebration.

Sparklers are also used for photo shoots. You can use them as props which will make a photo more creative. You should use 20 – inch long sparklers for photoshoots.

Wedding favors are also one thing sparklers can be used for. Sparklers can be an additional beauty in the tables. It is recommended to get 10 inches long sparklers for this purpose.

Remember to purchase sparklers that are smokeless for indoor activities. The color of the sparkler will determine whether it is smokeless or not. Gold sparklers are the smokeless ones because there are no tints added on them. On the other hand, sparklers of other colors are made with pigments which will produce extra smoke. These sparklers are perfect for the activities that will happen outdoors.

By the time that you will buy sparklers, always check the quality. There are branded sparklers that are proven to be safe. Be careful not to be attempted on buying sparklers that are sold at a discounted price because these may just be defective and harm every participant in the wedding.

Mentioned above are the things you should know if you are considering to add sparklers to your wedding celebration. Go find the sparklers that are perfect for your needs and are made of good quality.

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